Dance Dance Matrix Revolutions

Uncanny Magazine, February 2024

Review of Danny Boyle's stage adaptation of The Matrix

The “un-American” treatment of a leftist sci-fi fan

Monthly Review, January 2024

Review of The Prosecution of Professor Chandler Davis

"Something of freedom is yet to come"

Strange Horizons Magazine, September 2020

Article examining the history of labour unions as represented in science fiction. 

"Universal pharmacare something to believe in"

Edmonton Journal, December 2016

Opinion column marking the 50th anniversary of universal health care in Canada, arguing that the country should adopt universal drug coverage. 

"Math against Gerrymandering", July 2019

Examination of how mathematical modelling might have helped ensure that Alberta's redistricting process could have been improved and provided more democratic outcomes. 

"Straight Outta Compton: White Flight in I Am Legend"

Strange Horizons Magazine, October 2021

Article examining coded racialized language in Richard Matheson's classic horror novel I Am Legend

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